Taste of Peru!

On 23rd April, it was my hubby’s birthday. Like other birthdays, I and my little one were ready to surprise him with some presents and a delicious cake on 22nd midnight. And we celebrated his birthday with colorful balloons, candles, cake and a happy birthday song. He was delighted with the surprises and loved his presents especially the blue linen shirt, chosen by his little girl and my gifts too, a pair of Polo Sports shoes and stylish Aigner sunglasses. He loved all of them, said love and sentiments matter most than anything else. So, we enjoyed our midnight cake cutting session. Personally, I love birthdays as it gives us a reason to celebrate life, moment, togetherness which is a very important ingredient to a happy family.


Three layered Neopolitan Cake!!!

The next morning, hubby headed off to work and daughter to school. In the evening, after his office, we decided to go out and dine at a Peruvian restaurant named as Pollo Pollo (Pollo is the Spanish word for chicken). Very few facts I know about Peru. Peru is a country in South America. Spanish, Quechua, and Aymara are the three official languages spoken and Lima is the capital city of Peru.

Machu Piccu

Machu Picchu

Peru is famous for its incredible landscape, magnificent mountains, beautiful valleys, lakes, great biodiversity, ancient architecture, and amazing history. Machu Picchu is one among the Seven Wonders of the World and history behind Machu Picchu and Inca Civilization is quite astonishing. The Inca Empire was the largest empire in pre-Columbian America. Cusco, in modern day Peru, one of the important city during Inca Empire. There are many mythical stories behind Inca Civilization, most of them were true. It was considered that Incas were descendants of the Sun, Manco Cápac, who was the son of the sun, and Mama Occlo, the daughter of the moon, were sent by the Sun to look for a place to build an empire. They were told to find the right place by carrying a special rod with them at all times. Wherever the rod sank into the ground, this was where they had to create a new city. The rod sank into the ground in Cusco. Inca were very talented and skilled people and Cusco emerged as one of the richest city. The Inca Empire was short lived, they were defeated and conquered by superior Spanish invaders and overtaken in 1572. There are still so many mysteries and facts to unfold which make Peru an important archeological destination in the world. Interesting, isn’t it??

I want to share my wonderful experience with the Peruvian cuisine. Well, that was our first time to a Peruvian restaurant, little afraid that it shouldn’t be our bad decision. And instead of ordering something randomly, we asked a staff for their most popular and delicious delicacies. The staff was polite and friendly, he explained about the popular dishes and served us with some of their main dishes namely, Peruvian Empanada(A baked pastry with creamy chicken served with a slice of lemon) as a starter, Combo Norteno (Chicken with beans and flavoured rice), Pollo Saltado( Stir fry chicken and vegetables with rice) in the main course and their signature Quinoa salad, and drinks, Inca Kola (Peruvian cola made from the indigenous Hierba Bueno and lime) and plain chilled watermelon juice.

Peruvian Empanada

Peruvian Empanada


Combo Norteno


Pollo Saltado


Inca Kola


Quinoa Salad

Peruvian Cuisine

The food was simple, tasty and had a unique flavor which reflects the varied and distinct culture and tradition of the country which is influenced by their indigenous people and immigrants from Spain, Italy, Germany, China, Japan, and Africa. We enjoyed our dinner very much and was glad to see little one taking delight in her meals.

It’s always a great to discover new places and explore their culture, tradition, food. Living in Dubai and tasting Peruvian food was a fantastic experience. Thanks to my awesome hubby!!!


There’s something about Dubai!

Never imagined I would be living in a desert, yes Dubai was once a desert which has emerged into one of the most beautiful cities in the world in less than 50 years.

We were living in Bangalore when my husband has got a job offer in Dubai, the Middle East. No doubt, I was very anxious to move to a new country, and that’s too in the Middle East  There were many reasons I loved Bangalore, because of its weather, greenery, people and it holds lots of good memories. Leaving Bangalore was difficult for me. Moreover, I had a stereotyped image of the Middle Eastern countries, about their culture, people, conservative beliefs, and thought, I might have to wear abaya or a hijab. UAE is a tax-free country and Dubai is a dream city for earning a good salary, save more and enjoying life. For the sake of career growth and financial commitments, we have finally decided to move to Dubai with our little one, who has just turned 2.




But after coming to Dubai, my opinions towards this city have changed completely and today, I am in love with this city. Apart from its amazing landscape, tallest skyscrapers, biggest shopping malls, vibrant nightlife, glamorous lifestyle, multi cuisine delicacies, luxurious cars, there are so many things that fascinate me. People are very friendly, well mannered and the respect they show to women, elderly people, and love and care towards the kids are very much impressive. A single woman, a woman with kids or elderly person in any public places like metros, airport, malls, lift etc, are given higher priorities which I can see very rarely anywhere. Almost 85% of the Dubai population is comprised of expats from different countries. Some of the facts, which outstand Dubai from other countries are their cleanliness, safety, and open-mindedness. And the most important is the ruler, Sheikh Mohammad, leader with a vision. Not only he has made Dubai, one of the most popular tourist attractions in the world, but a paradise on earth.16425882_1553566718001961_3297589230858343664_n


Everything has its good side and bad side. There are so many good things about Dubai, bad things can be overlooked. Here, anything and everything gets delivered to the doorstep from a morning tea to a delicious dinner anytime with a single click, which has not only made us lazy, but unhealthy too. More of eating out and lack of physical activities have raised obesity and many health issues. Vitamin D deficiency in UAE is one of the highest in the world despite being so sunny region. And looking at my poor husband, who works with a reputed bank in Dubai, I felt that the work-life balance is just a myth. He is always so tired of his work, there’s little or no time to go out on weekends.

Dubai is a liberal city as compared to its neighbors, it is still a place where regional ethics are expected to be abided. We should respect their religion, culture, tradition and obey their rules. They have very tough punishments for the offenses, perhaps, this is the main reason which makes it one of the safest cities in the world. We are living in Dubai for past 3 years and it has been a great experience, to live and explore life.

Wine Bottle Decor

As a stay at home mom, I have learned many things in life and have discovered certain new talents and hobbies hidden in myself. In my life, nothing has happened as per my plans but whatever happened was better than my ones. Never thought after pursuing my masters in Computer Science, I would be leading a life of a housewife and a stay at home mom. I had a good job and wanted to have a great career. But I left my job as I wanted to devote my time to my child, to spend time with the newborn and young kid. Earlier I have planned to take a break just for a year. After a year I thought my baby is still very young and can’t leave her and go to work. And today, she is already four and I am not working yet. And I don’t  regret my decision and enjoying my life as a happy mom and a wife.

DIY projects, one of my newly found hobbies which are actually a very creative and fun. Decorating empty wine bottles is one of those DIY projects which I enjoy very much. It’s very simple and a great way to upcycle wine bottles. There are different ways to decorate wine bottles. And I have created two designs, according to my available stuff. One wrapped in rustic twine with a little pink flower, and another glued with sparkling golden glitters and pink yarn. Aren’t they beautiful!!!14707018_1388303804528254_57608324610368780_o

My Body, my asset!

IMG_3879The generation today, every woman wants to be a perfect and strives for a super skinny body in all possible ways. They are so much obsessed with thinness that they are willing to keep themselves hungry, underweight and unhealthy. I also had body weight issues and wanted to look perfect but believe me, perfect is just a subjective term, nobody is perfect and everyone has got their flaws. It’s not about the shape of your body but your confidence, attitude and your approach towards life.

Definitely, a slim body is really a great thing to have, but a healthy one. Trust me, a thin body may look pretty but a strong body look prettier and sexier. So, opt for the later one.

I am a mommy and during my pregnancy, I did not worry much about the weight as I was nurturing a new life inside me, which is one of the most wonderful feelings.  As I had a c-section delivery, I  have waited for almost one year to heal completely and get started with my weight-loss program. I have already lost some weight but wanted to lose some more because I wanted to look thinner. I was struggling to get back to my pre-pregnancy days. I started skipping my meals to get the desired results,  but I became weak, tired, exhausted making me sad and depressed, which not only affected me but my family, my loved ones. To make things better, I continued my workouts, followed healthy meal plans, had proper sleep and most important, positive attitude. And to be honest, it’s not easy to reach our desired goals but yes, don’t give up. Just stay motivated and consistent achieving your realistic goals. I am not any fitness expert but a woman and a mom who believes in staying healthy and beautiful.

Happiness is not having a thin body or to look like someone but being yourself and being healthy and strong. Love your body and embrace their shape, no matter what size, and lead a healthy lifestyle. Always remember, you are more than just a body. Love your amazing body which is your biggest asset.

My First Post…XOXO!!!

Finally, I am writing my first post. Thanks to my family, friends, and well-wishers who were always encouraging me to do that from a long time. I love writing and love to express my thoughts in words but was little hesitant to start. So breaking the ice with my first.

I am a mom to a beautiful four years old daughter and wife of a most loving and caring husband. Sometimes, he is too busy to spend time with us, no doubt he is working so hard for the family.

It was never so easy for me to transform myself into a full-time stay at home mom from an independent, carefree, fun loving girl who loves to hang out with friends and loves to party very often. But time changes and life is all about change. We have to move with the times embracing all the new phases of life with love and dignity.

I was truly blessed when the most gorgeous baby girl was born to me. And I learned diapering, cooking, cleaning, babysitting, teaching, almost everything. So, when a baby is born, a mom is also born. Motherhood is amazing, but there are times when I was tired, exhausted, depressed and don’t know what to do. I had trouble sleeping sometimes, restless mind and so many responsibilities. I am grateful to my husband who has helped me out in such situations. Supporting each other and working together as a team really makes life easier. Now, my baby has turned into an active preschooler, leaving her toddlerhood and each day is a new challenge for both of us.  Today I introduce myself as a proud mom, a loving wife, and a good homemaker who takes care of the kid, the family, and the home. Managing a household is an important job and requires as much skill, creativity,  intelligence, discipline and hard work as any other jobs.