My First Post…XOXO!!!

Finally, I am writing my first post. Thanks to my family, friends, and well-wishers who were always encouraging me to do that from a long time. I love writing and love to express my thoughts in words but was little hesitant to start. So breaking the ice with my first.

I am a mom to a beautiful four years old daughter and wife of a most loving and caring husband. Sometimes, he is too busy to spend time with us, no doubt he is working so hard for the family.

It was never so easy for me to transform myself into a full-time stay at home mom from an independent, carefree, fun loving girl who loves to hang out with friends and loves to party very often. But time changes and life is all about change. We have to move with the times embracing all the new phases of life with love and dignity.

I was truly blessed when the most gorgeous baby girl was born to me. And I learned diapering, cooking, cleaning, babysitting, teaching, almost everything. So, when a baby is born, a mom is also born. Motherhood is amazing, but there are times when I was tired, exhausted, depressed and don’t know what to do. I had trouble sleeping sometimes, restless mind and so many responsibilities. I am grateful to my husband who has helped me out in such situations. Supporting each other and working together as a team really makes life easier. Now, my baby has turned into an active preschooler, leaving her toddlerhood and each day is a new challenge for both of us.  Today I introduce myself as a proud mom, a loving wife, and a good homemaker who takes care of the kid, the family, and the home. Managing a household is an important job and requires as much skill, creativity,  intelligence, discipline and hard work as any other jobs.



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