My Body, my asset!

IMG_3879The generation today, every woman wants to be a perfect and strives for a super skinny body in all possible ways. They are so much obsessed with thinness that they are willing to keep themselves hungry, underweight and unhealthy. I also had body weight issues and wanted to look perfect but believe me, perfect is just a subjective term, nobody is perfect and everyone has got their flaws. It’s not about the shape of your body but your confidence, attitude and your approach towards life.

Definitely, a slim body is really a great thing to have, but a healthy one. Trust me, a thin body may look pretty but a strong body look prettier and sexier. So, opt for the later one.

I am a mommy and during my pregnancy, I did not worry much about the weight as I was nurturing a new life inside me, which is one of the most wonderful feelings.  As I had a c-section delivery, I  have waited for almost one year to heal completely and get started with my weight-loss program. I have already lost some weight but wanted to lose some more because I wanted to look thinner. I was struggling to get back to my pre-pregnancy days. I started skipping my meals to get the desired results,  but I became weak, tired, exhausted making me sad and depressed, which not only affected me but my family, my loved ones. To make things better, I continued my workouts, followed healthy meal plans, had proper sleep and most important, positive attitude. And to be honest, it’s not easy to reach our desired goals but yes, don’t give up. Just stay motivated and consistent achieving your realistic goals. I am not any fitness expert but a woman and a mom who believes in staying healthy and beautiful.

Happiness is not having a thin body or to look like someone but being yourself and being healthy and strong. Love your body and embrace their shape, no matter what size, and lead a healthy lifestyle. Always remember, you are more than just a body. Love your amazing body which is your biggest asset.


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