Wine Bottle Decor

As a stay at home mom, I have learned many things in life and have discovered certain new talents and hobbies hidden in myself. In my life, nothing has happened as per my plans but whatever happened was better than my ones. Never thought after pursuing my masters in Computer Science, I would be leading a life of a housewife and a stay at home mom. I had a good job and wanted to have a great career. But I left my job as I wanted to devote my time to my child, to spend time with the newborn and young kid. Earlier I have planned to take a break just for a year. After a year I thought my baby is still very young and can’t leave her and go to work. And today, she is already four and I am not working yet. And I don’t  regret my decision and enjoying my life as a happy mom and a wife.

DIY projects, one of my newly found hobbies which are actually a very creative and fun. Decorating empty wine bottles is one of those DIY projects which I enjoy very much. It’s very simple and a great way to upcycle wine bottles. There are different ways to decorate wine bottles. And I have created two designs, according to my available stuff. One wrapped in rustic twine with a little pink flower, and another glued with sparkling golden glitters and pink yarn. Aren’t they beautiful!!!14707018_1388303804528254_57608324610368780_o


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