Taste of Peru!

On 23rd April, it was my hubby’s birthday. Like other birthdays, I and my little one were ready to surprise him with some presents and a delicious cake on 22nd midnight. And we celebrated his birthday with colorful balloons, candles, cake and a happy birthday song. He was delighted with the surprises and loved his presents especially the blue linen shirt, chosen by his little girl and my gifts too, a pair of Polo Sports shoes and stylish Aigner sunglasses. He loved all of them, said love and sentiments matter most than anything else. So, we enjoyed our midnight cake cutting session. Personally, I love birthdays as it gives us a reason to celebrate life, moment, togetherness which is a very important ingredient to a happy family.


Three layered Neopolitan Cake!!!

The next morning, hubby headed off to work and daughter to school. In the evening, after his office, we decided to go out and dine at a Peruvian restaurant named as Pollo Pollo (Pollo is the Spanish word for chicken). Very few facts I know about Peru. Peru is a country in South America. Spanish, Quechua, and Aymara are the three official languages spoken and Lima is the capital city of Peru.

Machu Piccu

Machu Picchu

Peru is famous for its incredible landscape, magnificent mountains, beautiful valleys, lakes, great biodiversity, ancient architecture, and amazing history. Machu Picchu is one among the Seven Wonders of the World and history behind Machu Picchu and Inca Civilization is quite astonishing. The Inca Empire was the largest empire in pre-Columbian America. Cusco, in modern day Peru, one of the important city during Inca Empire. There are many mythical stories behind Inca Civilization, most of them were true. It was considered that Incas were descendants of the Sun, Manco Cápac, who was the son of the sun, and Mama Occlo, the daughter of the moon, were sent by the Sun to look for a place to build an empire. They were told to find the right place by carrying a special rod with them at all times. Wherever the rod sank into the ground, this was where they had to create a new city. The rod sank into the ground in Cusco. Inca were very talented and skilled people and Cusco emerged as one of the richest city. The Inca Empire was short lived, they were defeated and conquered by superior Spanish invaders and overtaken in 1572. There are still so many mysteries and facts to unfold which make Peru an important archeological destination in the world. Interesting, isn’t it??

I want to share my wonderful experience with the Peruvian cuisine. Well, that was our first time to a Peruvian restaurant, little afraid that it shouldn’t be our bad decision. And instead of ordering something randomly, we asked a staff for their most popular and delicious delicacies. The staff was polite and friendly, he explained about the popular dishes and served us with some of their main dishes namely, Peruvian Empanada(A baked pastry with creamy chicken served with a slice of lemon) as a starter, Combo Norteno (Chicken with beans and flavoured rice), Pollo Saltado( Stir fry chicken and vegetables with rice) in the main course and their signature Quinoa salad, and drinks, Inca Kola (Peruvian cola made from the indigenous Hierba Bueno and lime) and plain chilled watermelon juice.

Peruvian Empanada

Peruvian Empanada


Combo Norteno


Pollo Saltado


Inca Kola


Quinoa Salad

Peruvian Cuisine

The food was simple, tasty and had a unique flavor which reflects the varied and distinct culture and tradition of the country which is influenced by their indigenous people and immigrants from Spain, Italy, Germany, China, Japan, and Africa. We enjoyed our dinner very much and was glad to see little one taking delight in her meals.

It’s always a great to discover new places and explore their culture, tradition, food. Living in Dubai and tasting Peruvian food was a fantastic experience. Thanks to my awesome hubby!!!


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