My Baby’s First Day at School

Happy Mother’s Day to all Gorgeous Moms! Today, I would love to share one of the my most beautiful experiences. My daughter’s first day at school, very exciting and an emotional moment. Just a week before her third birthday, she was about to begin her new journey, her school life.

The most awaited day, 14th January 2016, when I had to send my little one to school. Staying at home, spending all day with her, chatting, playing, singing, dancing, doing everything together while her dad is off to work, made us so much attached that sending her to school was a tough decision. How can I send my little baby with someone? Can anyone take good care of her? What if she gets hurt and cries? So many questions running through the mind and separation bumps had frightened me. I was happy, excited, at the same time very worried. But I was telling myself that it’s the good decision for my child, for her growth and future.

Earlier, when we visited the school, we were pleased to see the lively classrooms filled with cute little furniture, colorful pictures, numbers, alphabets on the wall and an amazing play area with different toys all around.

Finally, the big day had arrived.I woke up early in the morning with some great feeling. Before waking her up from her sleep, I just looked at her beautiful face, kissed her on the forehead and whispered, today’s her first day at school, then she opened the eyes with a beautiful smile on her face . She was very much excited to go to school. By the time, I dressed her up for the school, my husband got ready too and we had our breakfast happily. We were all set for the school.  I packed her lunch box, water bottle and carried an extra clothes and diapers etc., as listed by the school. Finally, we walked to school, feeling nervous and anxious but hidden my feelings, pretending to be happy and preparing her for the first day.

As soon as we stepped in the school, the teacher greeted us and before I could say goodbye and hug my little one, she rushed into classroom accompanied by another teacher. The teachers were nice, experienced and they assured us about her good care and guidance. My husband and I spoke to them, finished all the formalities. My husband had left for his work and I was waiting there and watching her from the window, but out of her sight. I was happy to see my baby happily playing with other kids.


Later, I left the school bidding goodbye to the teachers. I came back home with a heavy heart leaving my part in a new place, new environment among new people without me. I missed her terribly, the house looked so empty and I burst into tears. My husband called me and was trying to console me, and asked me to call up my mom. I felt better talking to my mom and was waiting for my baby to come home. I reached the school to pick her up, seeing me, she ran to me and gave me a big hug. I was so happy to see her, I kissed her and lifted her on my arms.The teacher told me, she was happy most of the time, just cried a bit at the end. Reaching home, we were talking about her new school experience. I was proud that my little girl has grown up and stepped into a new life, to the real world. A great milestone for parents and children. So, the big day has ended much smoother and happier than expected.



Today, she has completed almost one and a half year and she’s a very happy and confident child who loves going to school. Great, that was a right decision, filled with joy, excitement, and tears.


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