A Day in Mommy’s Life

I think it’s normal for moms like me to feel frustrated and heartbroken many times. Definitely, staying at home makes us low, lonely and depressed sometimes.IMG_9296

Yesterday I have spoilt my day being negative and creep about the things that I have seen in social media. I was frustrated to see some people losing their weight so easily without any workouts, diet control, etc etc., which I was doing like a crazy to lose some weight. Lucky are the people who can stay slim without compromising with their food and without doing any exercise. To look beautiful has become the most important thing for today’s women, no matter what and the worst thing is the comparison with others. Not only that, my stay at home mom status was bugging me. I am a proud stay at home mom to look after my kid and spend most of the time with her. But whoever I meet, always asking me questions like, “Are you working? “,”When you go back to work”?,”Why you aren’t working?”, etc. Most of the time I responded saying that my kid is too little to leave her with someone else and go for work. My daughter is four years old now and when she also asked me why I am not going for work, it confused me and rethink my decision of being a housewife and a stay at home mom.

When I was struggling with all these feelings, my husband comes  home late and not to blame him, but his stressful work which has exhausted him like anything. Looking after my kid, feeding her, helping her with homework, playing with her, fulfilling her demands etc., keeps me so occupied, hardly gets time for myself. Sometimes it’s difficult for me to handle everything and feel like screaming out, which I know not going help anyway.

No one can help me unless I help myself. So, ignoring all my negative thoughts, prepared myself for a new day. Next day, I woke up early and after my daily morning routine, cleaning, cooking, sending off my daughter  to school , husband to work, I had my breakfast. Then, went for shopping and bought some new dresses for myself. Really a great mood booster. Next, I always love doing something with my hair, so gone to saloon and added some highlights to my hair. It look fantastic ! I was much happier at the end of the day. Being selfish is not bad, it makes you happy and a better person. “When you take care of yourself first, you show up as a healthy, grounded person in life,” says Bob Rosen, which is very true.

IMG_8337Whenever you feel low or worthless, just get up and do things you love. Not only you feel good , it will boost your self confidence, self esteem and your attitude towards the life.Be a happy mommy.




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