Best Friend Forever

Being a human being, we all need a good friend in life.  In different phases of life, we meet many friends, some remain for short time and some for lifetime. In early childhood, my cousins were my best friends and very few friends outside. But as time passed we cousins moved to different cities and could hardly meet each other. And I got new circles of school friends and had lots of fun. But because of dad’s transferable job I had to switch several schools which was sometimes very difficult for me. As we moved to different cities, my close friends were left behind which made me sad, frustrated and lonely . I met new friends and believed that no friends stay with you forever and I learned to keep myself  happy with new friends.

I finished my schooling, went to college, then university.  I was so blessed to have many good friends in life. And I met a special friend in university. Both of us had entirely different personalities, I was a little shy, introvert while she was bold , confident and fearless. But we get along really well, and love to hang around with each other. It was a great fun being with her, like going for movies, window shopping, eating, night out, exploring new things and many more. I never hesitate to tell anything to her and we share our secrets. Meanwhile, I had some problems in my life, when she had supported me and help me out. I am grateful to her for being with me in my bad times. Every girl must have a girl best friend, because only a girl can understand another girl. Those were the awesome memories to preserve forever. But sadly, because of some misunderstandings created by others, we were drifted apart and stopped talking to each other.  I was sad because I had lost my dearest friend. In the meantime, we finished our masters and move on to different city for jobs. We were busy with our own lives, friends and never faced each other except in few get togethers. As time passed, both of us got married, but did not try to contact each other.

Out of the blue, one day I pinged her on facebook and started talking, then came to know that both of us  were expecting mothers. Motherhood is a wonderful gift in itself which not only make us happy, but wipe out all our troubles and makes us a better person. Keeping aside our old issues, we were very happy for each other and started sharing each other’s lives. Among girls, it’s a very common mistake, instead of talking and sorting out the things, we know  usually keep mum and don’t resolve the problems.

I was so glad that both of us were blessed with beautiful daughters at almost same time and after that, we bonded to each other so much. We loved to talk on miscellaneous topics, like our interest, spouses, parenthood, travel, style, fashion, blog and help relieve each other’s anxieties. I never felt lonely again, because I had my best friend with whom I can share my bloomy and gloomy days. Now, we are living in different countries but miles apart we are close to the heart.


I wish, we’ll be best friends forever, till we are old and wrinkly.



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