Family Vacation in Georgia

Summer is already here! Everyone is so much excited as we have booked a family trip to Tbilisi for 4 days which is obviously too less time to explore a city. Tbilisi is the capital of Georgia. The city comprises of diverse architecture, amazing history, old orthodox churches and a lovely weather. As Dubai temperature shoot up beyond 45 degree Celsius, we opted for a hill station in Georgia. This is our first Europe tour and we were too much enthusiastic. We booked the tickets two months earlier which gave us enough time for preparation and the bad thing is that the plan kept changing. Thank God, we did not cancel our trip and visited Georgia.

My husband was too much stressed out  with his workload affecting his health and peace of mind. At home, he could not stop discussing about his work and colleagues, eventually our four year old can remember some of the colleagues name. And my life became monotonous and boring with my everyday routines. My little girl was also missing most of fun and excitement in her life. All of us, just needed a break!!!

Somehow, my dear husband got this amazing idea and he reserved our tickets to Tbilisi, Georgia. We already started shopping for the trip. I got some cute dresses for myself, just needed to reduce some weight to look good in them. Not too easy!

And the most awaited day has arrived. We started from Dubai at 11 a.m. and reached Tbilisi at 2p.m., on time. As soon as we landed in the airport, we met our travel guide, Sofi and she greeted us with her warm smile. She was nice, polite and very helpful. Then she took us to our hotel. We reached our hotel and took some rest. Evening, we went out to walk around the city. We hired a taxi and asked the driver to drop us to any good restaurant. He took us to “I Love Tbilisi “, actually that’s not the name of the restaurant but a sign placed next of it. The name of the restaurant was Machakhela, one of the famous restaurant in Tbilisi which is located in Meidan Square. It was a lovely place for youngs and olds to gather in the evening for meeting, dining and take beautiful photos.


Me and my husband being great foodies, always love to try new cuisine. So we ordered their special dish, Kachapuri with chicken, Mexican style pork fry with potatoes, one fish meal and a vanilla cake for the little one. Khachapuri is a traditional Georgian dish made of cheese-filled bread and a stable food of Georgia. We enjoyed  our delicious food and we were done with our dinner.


Chicken Kachapuri


Mexican Style Pork Fry with Potatoes



Fish Meal


Vanilla Cherry Cake

After food, we walked around the Tbilisi streets adoring the amazing architecture and the lovely weather. We climbed up to Metekehi Church, located on the elevated cliff above the Mtkvari river. Along with the church, there was an equestrian statue of Vakhtang Gorgasali. The view of Tbilisi city was phenomenal from the top of the church. We sat there for some time and clicked some photos.




In Tbilisi, the native people speak Georgian, Russian and little bit of English.  A taxi driver mistaken us as Iranian, unaware of India which has surprised me. When we told him that we were from India, he started singing “Jimmy jimmy aaja aaja“, an old song of 80’s and we all were laughing, I was wondering from where he heard that song. As because of our language barriers, faced a little problem to finding out our hotel. Anywise we reached our hotel safely.

And we finished off with our first day in Tbilisi and geared up for the next day!


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