Happy Anniversary to Us, Hunn! (AN Open Letter To My Hubby)

And,we have completed our 6 years of togetherness! Life with you is a wonderful journey along with our beautiful gift, our daughter. She’s the bestest thing that happened to me ever.

In these 6 years, I have loved  you more each day. Yes, I fight with you, irritate you and and sometimes don’t talk to you but we are always together. Good or bad, we were always together and have supported each other in need. I know I am little bit impulsive but always sorry for the things that hurt you badly. Sometimes its difficult for me to express my feelings and I want you to understand them without speaking any words. Love comes in different ways but at the end, love is love, there’s no rules to follow. You are the one who makes me feel special everyday with my flaws and accept me for who I am. You are a great husband and the best daddy to my baby. You are a family man who can do anything for the sake of family, friends and humanity. And I am always afraid your kindness should not be mistaken as your weakness. You are a strong man and I trust your potential. I feel loved and secured when you are with me and always wish we can stay like this forever.


Our marriage was in traditional style planned by our parents and I keep complaining I did not get an opportunity to plan my wedding in my own style. But I feel blessed that our marriage has achieved that incredible milestone and wish for many more. I never thought I would have an arranged marriage, but meeting you  I realised arranged marriages are romantic too. I always wanted to marry the person I  love rather than a person whom I hardly knew. But I was very bad at relationships. True love never happened to me until I met you. At first, it was just a marriage, which was later followed by love, trust and respect. Thanks to God and our wonderful parents who have found the perfect match for each other. Must say, after our marriage my life is has changed completely, in a good way. Of Course, every day is not roses, some days are very difficult, but each day our marriage grows stronger. I may not be a perfect wife, but I really love you Hunn! and always try to be a good wife.

Happy 6th Marriage Anniversary to us and look forward to many more years.